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Mozilla Showcases Pre-Alpha Firefox For Android Platform

The Pre-alpha version of Firefox for Android, also known as Fennec, has been launched by developers at Mozilla Foundation for smartphones with Android 2.0 and above.

This is a very early version, which means that there are issues either with compatibility, speed or stability, some of which have been identified and others not.

You cannot for example open links from other apps using Fennec, that something that will come at a later stage and you have to install it on the internal memory of the phone, not th on any removable media.

There are reports suggesting that handsets become slow after sometimes and may require a reboot, something that we understand could be down to a memory leak problem.

The download page to the Pre-Alpha version has received nearly 14,000 clicks altogether. Fennec is already available on Nokia's own Maemo platform but neither on Symbian nor on Windows Mobile.

Note that this build won't automatically update to nightly builds which means that users will need to manually do the upgrades.

In addition, the team led by Vladimir Vukicevic, has unleashed an experimental version of Weave for the pre-alpha version of Fennec; Weave is Mozilla's solution to synchronize content across different platforms, something akin of MobileMe.

Our Comments

Mozilla will need to quickly ramp up things or else risk being completely flooded by Web-kit based mobile browsers. Android and Apple already use the layout engine for their browsers as did Palm and Symbian's S60.

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