RIM Set To Launch Blackberry OS v6 By Year's End

The maker of the Blackberry is to launch a new smart phone operating system later this year in an attempt to take on Apple's iPhone and Google Android-based handsets.

Research in Motion (RIM) announced the launch of BlackBerry 6, due in the third quarter of 2010, at its annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando, Florida.

The upcoming BlackBerry OS has generated a massive amount of hype. According to a teaser video released by RIM it will offer iPhone-like multi-touch capabilities and will integrate with popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The video indicates RIM has completely revamped its OS of the popular smartphone, transforming the BlackBerry's businesslike image to one of a media-centric social networking tool. The new OS will come with an improved web browser with support for tabs.

RIM chief executive Mike Lazardis reported at the conference that BlackBerry had around 41 million users around the world, with around 90 million BlackBerry handsets sold since it was launched.

He announced the company's desire to expand its user base to 100 million by introducing the phone in multiple markets.