Sony's recycling aims to make you buy more

Greenpeace has poured scorn on Sony's green ambitions describing its recycling initiative as a marketing exercise.

The tree-hugging organisation has told Tech Eye that scheme could encourage people to part with their perfectly servicable electronics for newer items and was nothing more than a good way for Sony to make a fat profit.

Iza Kruszewska, Greenpeace's International toxics campaigner said, "In Europe we already have the WEE Directive, which is a piece of legislation for recycling. I'd understand if this was an initiative in Africa where this legislation doesn't exist but it looks that this is a marketing exercise for the company."

The fear is that droves of people with working CRT TVs will be encouraged to upgrade to flashy flat-screen models before the natural life of the set has expired because of the £150 discounts offered.

Retailers are expecting a massive rush on giant tellies leading up to the World Cup in June. We aren't.