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VMWare And Salesforce Launch VMForce JV

Desktop virtualisation firm VMware and cloud-based technology vendor have come together in a joint venture named VMforce, which will offer cloud-based Java applications for enterprise users - in direct competition to IT giants IBM and Oracle.

According to a statement released by the two companies, VMforce will allow enterprise users to deploy Java-based applications in the cloud, instead of using costly on-premises servers such as IBM's WebSphere and Oracle's WebLogic.

Commenting on the launch of the joint venture, Anshu Sharma, the vice president of product management at, wrote on the company blog: “In simple terms, VMforce service will allow every Java developer to write applications that can run in the cloud. VMforce provides out-of-the-box Java deployment in the cloud that is pre-integrated with a relational database, full-text search engine, reporting and analytics.”

Sharma, explaining the intricacies of the kind of services VMforce will offer, wrote on the official blog that the cloud-based enterprise Java applications will allow developers to incorporate powerful features into their products.

This will include the ability to run the application on a mobile device, add Facebook-like functionality such as social profiles, feed sharing, content sharing, on-screen chat and status updates.