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Will Vodafone Radically Change The 360 Platform With Android Smartphones?

The Vodafone 845, the mobile phone operator's first Android smartphone, could be a precursor of things to come as it is the first 360 smartphone to come out since Vodafone launched the Samsung H1 and M1.

There are currently only four other quasi obsolete Nokia phones that come preloaded with the full set of 360. The M1 and the H1 were based on the LiMo platform rather than any more common mobile environment.

Switching to Android platform makes more sense because it is much widely supported and benefits from regular updates and overwhelming support from thousands of developers worldwide.

Not surprisingly, there are more than 50,000 apps for Android significantly more than LiMo and second only to Apple's iPhone. So what might have happened? Sales of the M1 and the H1 could have been disappointing.

Vodafone currently has five Android smartphones in its lineup and appears to be willing to embrace the platform by adopting it for its own brand phones.

The 845 is its most ambitious phone yet; the M1 and the H1 had Samsung's name on them, not this one. Furthermore, with an initial launch in 12 Vodafone markets, the 845 could quickly become a very popular model.