Apple Buys Siri To Push Voice Search

In a bid to take on Google's Android mobile OS, Apple has acquired Siri, a technology start-up that develops voice-activated search applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

California-based Siri, develops voice apps similar to the ones Google offers for its Android mobile operating system.

According to Siri's web site, the application acts as a virtual assistant for users, allowing them to perform specific tasks using voice commands such as "Book movie tickets for Saturday" or "Send a taxi to my home".

The application uses customers' real-time location and recognises voice patterns, converting them into search algorithms. The acquisition will allow the iPhone maker to expand its turf in the search market and further strengthen its stand against Google.

Siri board member Gary Morganthaler told tech blog in a statement: “It is a very good outcome for everyone involved. Siri has been an excellent opportunity in many regards, and I think it is just now being recognised.”