Apple Could Charge Millions For iAd

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple, which recently launched its iPad tablet computer, might charge $1 million for companies wishing to advertise on their newly unveiled iAd mobile advertisement platform for the iPhone OS.

Advertisement executives also predict that the iPod maker can bill companies as much as $10 million for being some of the first ones to advertise on the platform.

Following the acquisition of Quattro Wireless, Apple revealed that iAd could inject ads in between applications. Apple is looking to expand on the huge popularity of the iPhone smartphone and the immense number of applications available for it.

According to Apple, iAd will allow marketeers to target ads on the basis of users iTunes download trends. The platform will be able to do, as Apple calls it, intelligent advertising, offering a range of media rich and interactive advertisements.

Citing a source close to the matter, the article on WSJ reported that Apple is planning to create the ads itself for the first couple of months in order to establish a standard in ad creation.

After that advertisers will be provided with a platform which will enable them to create and upload ads on their own.