Cloud Computing Becoming More Popular

Large numbers of businesses are now using cloud services for their applications, a survey conducted among the attendees at the Las Vegas Business Technology Conference has revealed.

Forty-one per cent of those questioned in the survey of 104 network engineers, managers and executives from large and small IT companies claimed to be running cloud computing services such as the Google Applications productivity software and's online CRM tools.

Twenty-nine per cent of them said they'd installed private cloud services on their networks, while 19 per cent said they depended upon infrastructure such as Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud.

Asked why they resorted to using third-party suppliers of cloud services, 22 per cent blamed a lack of available tools required to manage the cloud services; 27 per cent fearing escalating budgets and 33 per cent used them to lower infrastructure costs.

Eleven per cent of enterprise cloud users reported that they did not have any reason to tap into cloud services.

Major IT houses such as IBM, Citrix, Terremark and VMware focused on cloud computing at the conference, calling it “the next big thing”. IBM announced it was launching a test cloud service, called Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud.