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Microsoft Previews Live Wave 4 Platform

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer provided a sneak preview of the new and upgraded Microsoft Windows Live Messenger.

The insight came during a talk Ballmer gave on cloud computing technology at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Windows Live Wave 4 will include tabbed conversations, HD quality video chats, as well as the ability to integrate and share of web sites, search results and updates from different social networks.

It also includes a consolidated friend list from Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Windows Live.

Ballmer revealed that Microsoft will also release mobile versions of the Live suite for Windows Phone, Apple iPhone and Blackberry.

According to recent statistics, Windows Live Messenger still dominates the UK's instant messaging market arena with around 93 per cent of messaging minutes being spent on the service.

David Law from Microsoft UK said in a statement that “As internet usage continues to explode, consumers everywhere are sharing more content across a variety of different social networks, photo and video sites and other sharing experiences, making it hard for people to stay in touch with the people they care about”.