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Millions Of Children In The UK Have No Internet Access

Recent research conducted by Point Topic, a broadband intelligence firm, suggests that there are millions of British children who cannot access the internet from home causing adverse affects to their social lives.

The study shows that remote and less prosperous areas of the UK, such as the Derbyshire Dales, Berwick-upon-Tweed and Sedgefield in Durham, suffer from internet unavailability, depriving its children from developing better social skills, better learning skills and better

earning power.

The internet helps kids perform better at their homework, keep on top of world events and better prepare themselves for adult life.

The surprise element is the revelation that out of those kids who do not use internet at home, only 3.6 percent do not have internet cable service implying the rest prefer to stay without it, for various unknown reasons.

The research data is a warning to the nation given the fact there is possibility of average earning loss of £500 per year; an estimated 40 year working life span of the digitally deprived kids would amount to a total cost of £80 billion to the UK.