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Palit reveals custom GTX 470 design

Apart from the supply problems, one of the biggest criticisms of Nvidia’s new GeForce GTX 470 and 480 cards is the amount of noise generated by the Nvidia reference cooler. Never fear, though, as Palit has come to the rescue by fitting its own custom cooler to a GeForce GTX 470.

Unlike many third-party coolers, Palit’s design still fits into the dimensions of two card slots, and it makes up for the blade-depth with a pair of orange 80mm fans with plenty of fins to pull heat away from the GPU.

Usually, cards with third-party coolers come with a hefty overclock too, but in this case Palit has instead decided to focus on heat and noise. The card has exactly the same clock speeds as a reference GTX 470 card, but Palit claims that the GPU temperature drops by 12°C when compared to a card with the Nvidia reference cooler under the same conditions.

The company also claims that the custom cooler’s noise level is 4dB lower than the reference cooler when the GPU is running at full pelt. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the annoyance-factor of fan noise often comes from the frequency, rather than the volume, and Palit hasn’t provided any information on this yet. The fans are PWM-controlled, so the cooler will be even quieter when the GPU is idle too.

In addition to the custom cooler, Palit has also taken the opportunity to tweak the port options. A standard GeForce GTX 470 card has a pair of dual-link DVI outputs and a mini HDMI connector, the Palit card squeezes in two dual-link DVI ports, along with a full-size HDMI connector and a DisplayPort output.

There’s no word on pricing or availability yet, but a standard Palit GTX 470 card with the reference cooler costs £299, so we’d imagine the custom card will cost around £325 inc VAT.