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PowerColor building 12-monitor gaming card

Most PC gamers would gladly settle for just one 30 inch widescreen monitor, but PowerColor’s latest experiment shows that there are still plenty of affluent gadget freaks who won’t settle for anything less than the gaming equivalent of a U2 stage show on their desk.

Following on from ATI’s Radeon HD 5870 EyeFinity 6 Edition cards, which enable six-monitor gaming, comes PowerColor’s new dual-GPU monster. With a neat array of 12 DisplayPort connectors, it looks as though this card will enable video-wall gaming on a ridiculous scale.

The guys at Tech Connect Magazine have gathered a few sparse details, including a photo of the card. The site says that the dual-GPU card will have a colossal 4GB stack of GDDR5 memory, which makes sense if this card is indeed going to be gaming across 12 monitors.

If a single-GPU card with 2GB of RAM can cope with gaming across six monitors, then it logically follows that a double-GPU card could potentially perform the same feat across 12. The huge amount of RAM, which would saturate all the addressable space in a 32-bit operating system on its own, will also be a necessity if you’re trying to accelerate 3D with a resolution in excess of 49 megapixels.

Interestingly, the card in the photo takes up three slots, two of which carry the display outputs, while the third backplate features vents for what looks as though it’s going to be a mammoth cooler.

According to Tech Connect, the clock speeds and further details are being kept under wraps at the moment, but all should be revealed at Computex later in June. We’ve asked PowerColor for some more information about the card, and we’ll update you if and when we get some more details.