PS3 Owner Sues Sony Over Other OS Removal

Japanese consumer electronics maker Sony Corp, has been sued by a disgruntled Playstation 3 owner, after the company barred users from using the 'Other OS' option on their gaming consoles via a recent firmware update.

The 'Other OS' option in the PS3 gaming console allowed users install a third party operating system onto their consoles, replacing the official PS3 OS from Sony.

Users made the best of this option by installing Linux on their consoles, but now, Sony has decided to protect its turf by dropping the 'Other OS' option from the console.

When the company had dropped Linux support via firmware update, it had explained that this was done due to security reasons, in order to make the device more secure.

It had also said that users will be able to get more out of their device from using the official OS, including gaming content and other media.

However, Sony's decision drove a California man to slap the company with a class-action lawsuit in the North District California Court, claiming that Sony had stopped supporting Linux in order to serve its own interests as it feared that 'hacker' will steal its precious media content specifically designed for PS3.

The lawsuit also accused the company of benefiting from the loss of its own customers, which were duped into installing the update, as it was marked 'Mandatory' by the company.