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Sony closes in on Atom-powered TVs - report

Sony is planning to build tellies incorporating a custom version of Intel's Atom chip, running a new version of Google’s Android operating system called Dragonpoint, according to a report in Businessweek.

The report echoes one produced by the New York Times over a month ago which also cited people in the know, and which we wrote about here.

Both reports say Logitech is fiddling with a remote control keyboard gadget thing for the devices, so it must be true!

Intel is gagging to get chips into gadgets that aren't PCs and has been banging on about what it calls Smart TVs for a while now.

Microsoft, conspicuously absent from this gang of four, unveiled a cut-down Windows 7 that it hopes to put into televisons soon. The firm will be miffed that arch-rival Google has stolen more of its thunder with this well-manufactured and oft-repeated "leak".