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Steve Jobs Launches Scathing Attack Against Adobe Flash

Apple published a letter written by its charismatic CEO, Steve Jobs, that lambasts one of its most important partners, Adobe and attacks one of their core products, Flash.

In the detailed missive, entitled "Thoughts on Flash", Jobs provides with six reasons as to why it doesn't want to have the technology on any of Apple mobile platforms.

He noted that Adobe said of Apple's decision not to use Flash that it was primarily because his company wanted to protect the App store. Jobs insists that the decision is based on technology issues instead.

Amongst the bugbears that Apple has against Adobe Flash; the fact that the technology is not open, there are security, performance and reliability issues, Flash impact negatively on battery life.

Then there are also issues associated with the fact that Flash is not intrinsically a touch-friendly technology and the most importantly, Jobs says, Flash was designed as a desktop technology, one which is no longer pertinent in a world where mobile computing is gradually becoming the dominant force.

There are a few points of contention like when Apple says that the web is moving from Flash to H.264 for video streaming, something that's happening mainly because of Apple.

As for games, Jobs astutely points that the App store can provide more than 50,000 games and entertainment titles, but equally astutely sidesteps the argument that the App Store is even worse than Flash when it comes to openness.