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UK Listed Amongst Biggest Spam Relays

Internet security software and hardware vendor Sophos has released a study report which has placed UK, along with Russia and Italy, at the ninth position in the list of top 12 spam generating nations in the world.

The report, which was concluded on the basis of data collected during January and March 2010, revealed that UK was responsible for generating 3.1 percent of the world spam.

If there was a time for the government and technology companies to take a stand against the rising menace of the spam, it is now.

Interestingly, the report also revealed that China, which was been accused of cyber attacks on Google and other US multinationals, did not even make it the top 12 spammers list, acquiring a 15th position.

Commenting on the findings published in the report, Graham Cluley, a technology consultant with Sophos, said in a statement that “All eyes aren't so much on which countries are on the list, but the one which isn't. China has earnt itself a bad reputation in many country's eyes for being the launch pad of targeted attacks against foreign companies and government networks.”

Meanwhile, the top most position in the spammers list went to the US, holding it responsible for 13.1 percent of global spam, followed by India, with a spam share of 7.3 percent.