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200 Firms Migrate To IBM In Q1 2010 Through MF

IBM has announced that around 200 companies have migrated to IBM systems from Hewlett Packard and Oracle, in the first quarter of 2010, via its Migration Factory transition tool.

However, despite the excellent end-quarter results and impressive migration record, the IT giant has reported that the sale of Unix based products has declined, but it still holds a respectable market share.

Meanwhile, the company also added that ever since Migration Factory was launched in 2007, as many as 2,700 companies have shifted to IBM servers, from competitors like HP and Oracle.

According to industry experts, IBM's Unix sales are on a decline due to the fact that it is facing intense competition from HP and Oracle and the fact that companies are using new applications on IBM's x64 servers or are purchasing old ones from costly RISC/Itanium Unix boxes.

The Big Blue's end-quarter results indicated at an overall improvement in the performance of the company and the economy, with the company's revenue rising by 5 percent to be pegged at $22.9 billion.

The net income of the company also rocketed by 13 percent, landing at $2.6 billion. Meanwhile, revenue from IBM's System and Technology Group increased by 5 percent, coming to $3.4 billion.