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Apple Pushed For Police Probe In iPhone 4G

In a further development in the story of Gizmodo and lost iPhone 4G, the San Jose Business Journal has reported that Apple Inc. had requested an official probe into the case of lost iPhone 4G, as it suspected a theft.

Gizmodo's blog post had reported that the site had purchased the next generation iPhone from a man who found it lying on the stool in a bar in the San Francisco Suburb, after an Apple engineer lost it, for $5,000.

Lawyers representing Apple announced that the Apple engineer who lost the device, feared a case of theft and reported it to the San Mateo County District Attorney's office, demanding a probe into it, to which the officials agreed.

Brian Hogan, who sold the iPhone to the technology blog site, said in an email that he regrets for not doing more in returning the device back to the company, adding that Gizmodo assured him that there is nothing wrong in sharing the device with them.

The Editor of Gawker's, Jason Chen, wrote about the still under-development iPhone in his blog, resulting in a police raid at his house, in which police official took Chen's computer and hard drives for further investigation.

Gizmodo is resenting the raid and Chen's lawyers are trying to defend him by citing laws to protect a journalist's workplace from raids and searches.