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Google Launches Mobile Image Search

Search engine giant Google has come up with a new and upgraded version of Image Search, to help users of the Android smartphones and iPhone users by enhancing their Image Search experience via mobile phones.

According to the blog post made by the members of the Google User Experience Designer Group, the brand has come up with noticeable improvements, like an effective speed to browse through and view the images quickly; a special image viewing page dedicated to browsing; a square thumbnail format to fit in as many images as possible; a black background to have a better emphasis on pictures; option to swipe the pages right and left, in order to view the next set of pictures easily; and the options that flash on the screen fading in few seconds to have a better view.

The company reported that Google users can start using the new feature from their mobile by visiting and accessing the image search option. For those who wish to watch a full-blown demonstration of the service, all they need to do is go to YouTube and watch the tutorial video released by the company.

Unfortunately, as of now the service is available to the users of iPhone 3.0+ and Android 2.1 smartphone devices only, in 38 languages.