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Google To Team With Intel & Sony Over Google TV Product

Business technology news blog Business Week has reported that Google, along with tech giants Intel and Sony, will be announcing its Google TV Android based software at a company conference in May.

Google TV, which has been jointly developed by Google, Intel and Sony, is a TV software based on Google's Android platform, which, apart from performing traditional TV functions, will also let users surf the internet, watch online video and perform internet searches, right from their television sets.

An article on the Wall Street Journal has also claimed that the search engine giant is planning to unveil crucial details of the TV software package at the Google I/O Conference, which scheduled to take place in San Francisco on May 19th and 20th.

Meanwhile, industry watchers believe that the reason Google is intimating its developers about the Android based TV platform is due to the fact that it wants them to develop application for the TV platform, somewhat similar to those available for Android based smartphones.

However, developers won't be making applications for the platform unless some hardware companies are backing in. Here, Intel and Sony come into the picture.

Reports have confirmed that Google has been working along Intel in order to integrate the Android TV platform with Intel's Atom processor chip, while, Sony has been developing the set-top-box which bring Google TV to consumers.