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Microsoft Reportedly Cans Courier Tablet Prototype

Technology blog Gizmodo has reported that Microsoft's prototype 'Courier' tablet has been dropped by the software maker and will not be commercially released any time in the future.

Following the leak of a video from Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division, indicating at a touch-enabled interactive tablet PC like journal, the market was clearly anticipating the release of the device sometime in the future.

However, Gizmodo, quoting Microsoft's corporate vice president for communications Frank Shaw, who said that the although the company is continuously researching and developing new and interactive technology, it has no plans to release a Courier like device in the near future.

Some industry experts believe, despite the company denying a Courier like device, it could also mean that the Courier never existed and the video which caused ripples of excitement was merely a concept video, never meant to be shown to the public.

According to the video that was leaked, the Courier was a journal-shaped device capable of multi-touch technology which can be used to write down notes, save and view photos and surf the internet.

Courier, which some saw as a potential competitor to the iPad, was portrayed as an dual-screen one side touch, one side stylus, interactive virtual assistance. Many believe that Microsoft had finally conceived a device which could revive the company's non-existence tablet business.