Sky News Going HD On May 2010

The chief of Sky News, John Ryley announced on Thursday that the news channel is ready to launch itself in HD, on the election night, to cover the 'Decision Time' programme on May 6, following a temporary preview on April 22nd.

The entire Sky News studio has been upgraded in order to provide customer with HD quality content, making it the first of its kind in the United kingdom, following in the footsteps of Sky Sports, Sky Arts, Sky Entertainment and Sky Movies.

The news channel made a bang when it covered the last prime ministerial debate among the candidate's on April 22, in high definition for a temporary preview, to be followed by an official launch on May 6 to cover the channel's 'Decision Time' election show.

Within two days of the launch, Sky will launch HD premium panels to give live feeds of upcoming stories and analysis from the commentators for big issues. The sky officials are calling HD Sky News a testimonial of their strength and passion to make watching television a better, sharper., clearer and enhanced experience.

According to the information revealed, there are more than two million people in the UK, who are paying extra money to use Sky's high definition services, as it gives maximum number of channel options than any other service available in the market.