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Ubuntu 10.04 Released By Canonical

Canonical, the commercial provider of Ubuntu, has officially released Ubuntu 10.04, the latest version of the immensely popular Linux distribution, which was available for download yesterday onwards.

After almost six months of remaining under development, the new Ubuntu 10.04 has arrived in Long-Term Support version, which will update its users for a longer than usual period of time, i.e. three years on desktops and five years on the servers, unlike the usual 18 months period of free package updates.

The new Operating System is a result of dedicated attention of its developers towards quality control, stability and software reliability, rather than experimenting with the system by adding new features, which intends to appeal its users, both the commercial and the personal.

The Ubuntu 10.04 comes with an air of freshness, due to some impressive visual enhancements like an absolutely new theme and upgraded colour frame, that has black, orange and aubergine, and dissociates itself completely from its traditionally brown predecessors.

The new Ubuntu has changed its notification panel into application indicators, which is very consistent in its usability and appearance while its messaging indicator menu too has been improved in this edition.

Further improvement comes with addition of Gwibber, a social networking integration tool, and PiTiVi, a video editing tool which is easy and non-intimidating; an enhanced Ubuntu One Music Store and faster boot speed.