£94 Belkin F7D4402uk Play Wireless NN+ ADSL Modem Router

The Belkin Wireless Play Modem Router comes pre-wired, removing much of the confusion of a normal installation process and you don't need to plug them into your computer in order to set them up. The Belkin Wireless Play Modem Router automatically detects and resolves network problems and runs routine maintenance.

The Belkin Play Wiress Modem Router prints wirelessly from any computer on the network from anywhere in your home. Works with any multi-functional USB printer and unlike a print server, lets you use your scanning functionality too.

With the Belkin Play Wireless Router you can Stream HD videos, play games online, and download large media files. Get maximum speed out of your Belkin Play Wireless modem router, for performance and media-intensive applications you can double your performance and bandwidth with the Belkin Play Wireless Modem Router's Dual-Band N technology.

Eliminate interference and optimize media-intensive applications like videos and gaming, with speeds of up to 300 Mbps. The Belkin Play Wireless Modem Router can get your wireless network up and running in minutes. Just 3 easy steps, and you’re you out of the box and onto the Web.

You can purchase this Belkin F7D4402uk Play Wireless NN+ ADSL Modem Router from it247 for £94.