Fusion Garage To Launch 3G Joojoo Tablet PC Within Months

Hardware Startup Fusion Garage has announced plans for a 3G version of the Joojoo tablet, one of the most anticipated and most talked-about rivals to the Apple iPad, one which should be launched by July 2010.

Speaking to the Inquirer, the company's CEO, Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan said that the tablet would not be sold directly but rather through mobile network operators like T-Mobile or Orange.

He did not mention which partners would offer the tablet at launch but made it clear that Fusion Garage would not, unlike its Cupertino-based rival, seek a percentage of the monthly contracts from any operators.

This could mean that the Joojoo will be offered for the same price as some subsidised netbooks and notebooks with 1GB monthly data packages starting from £25 on a two-year contract.

Rathakrishanan also confirmed that the company would not prevent users from tweaking or even hacking the Joojoo although this would void the device's warranty.

The current version, a WiFi-only model, costs £319 excluding delivery and the first model will be delivered later this month.

Joojoo's CEO did not mention whether the 3G version would be physically different from the existing one (i.e. including an embedded 3G modem) or if mobile phone networks would provide with an external 3G dongle to connect to the device's USB port.