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Three UK Data Tariffs For The Joojoo 3G Tablet

So, we're already aware that Fusion Garage will be releasing a 3G version of its controversial Joojoo 3G tablet PC within the next few months and it will be apparently subsidised by mobile phone operators.

We went ahead and checked the best offers on the market for data tariffs that might suit the device which is essentially a netbook without a keyboard but with a touchscreen.

Guerilla MVNO GiffGaff is part of one of UK's largest mobile phone operator, O2, and offers a rather interesting "goodybag (opens in new tab)" SIM only product that comes with 100 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet, all for a tenner.

We got in touch with them but have yet to find out whether they will be offering a data-only offer. Even at £20 per month, GiffGaff's offer would be exceptionally good value with the only downside that you must buy the Joojoo 3G on its own.

Arguably another great candidate that could potentially come forward is 3 UK which currently (opens in new tab) has the nation's cheapest broadband + laptop offer at £17.50 over a two year period.

We expect that 3 UK will be amongst those that will offer the Joojoo on a contract basis albeit on a £30 per month offer like most of its competitors.

However, where the smallest independent mobile phone operator will try to set it apart is by offering a bigger data allowance, possibly 5GB per month.

Last but not least, O2, the parent company of GiffGaff packs WiFi and free texts plus free 30 day O2 techies support and an extended two year warranty on some (opens in new tab) of its mobile broadband packages.

We expect that they will do the same for the Joojoo when it is finally announced in July 2010. Expect it to go on sale at O2 for around £25 per month with 3GB and 500MB WiFi which, in all fairness, is a great price.

Désiré Athow

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