300,000 Apple 3G iPad Devices Sold Already Says Analyst

The iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, Apple's new 'magical' device, has managed to sell 300,000 units over the weekend, a respected Apple observer has confirmed, indicating at the significant demand which the device has been greeted with.

According to the figures estimated by Gene Munstner, a senior bean cruncher at the Piper Jaffray & Co. in Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog, Apple has sold nearly 300,000 iPads this weekend, starting Friday.

Munster has come to the estimation, which has been concluded after considering several other numbers and facts, like the count of people at the Apple store in New York and a store in a mall outside Minneapolis.

The results were then compared with the count estimated at the first launch of the Wi-Fi only model, which showed: 329 V/S 730 in NYC and 119 V/S 132 in Minneapolis.

The other factors that contributed largely to the high sales, according to Munstner are, is a Friday launch instead on launching it on a Saturday, giving buyers more time to make advance bookings for the device.

He further added that, as per his educated guess, the total sales of Apple's tablet in this quarter, is likely to cross the 1.3 million milestone.

We now know that Apple has sold more than one million iPads as of Friday 30th of April which means that it will most likely smash the three million iPad sold for the quarter.