Apple Flogs 1m iPad Devices In Four Weeks

Even before its launch, Apple's iPad had created a furore in the market owing to its hardware and software capabilities. However, the digital tablet has now managed to cross over the 1 million mark within four weeks of its launch in the US.

According to the latest update from Apple, the iPad Wi Fi + 3G has turned into the company's most successful launches, even better than the iPhone.

Apple sold off 300,000 of this 'magical' tablet on the very first day of its launch, reaching the million milestone within 28 days, which is far superior to the iPhone, as it crossed the same milestone in 74 days, more than the double of the latest launch.

According to the Apple's head, Steve Job, the demand of the device in the market is continuously ahead of the supply. Therefore the company has decided to delay the international launch of iPad, while it struggles hard to catch up with the demand among the US customers.

As per the information the iPad users have downloaded more than 12 million applications from the apps store and nearly 1.5 million e-books from the iBook store.

The iPad tablet computer, which is about 0.5 inch thick and weighs 1.5 pounds, has brought a wonderful change in the life of users while they read, write and browse the internet.