Apple sells a million iPads in a month

Apple has sold a million iPads in the tablet device's first 28 days on sale.

Initial predictions that the Cupertino company's latest toy would be a flop because it had no USB ports, camera or Flash support seem to have done little to quash enthusiasm for the highly-desirable slab of glass and custom-designed silicon, despite the fact that it is only officially available in America.

Swept along by an unprecedented level of hype, most of which was created by an information-starved media rather than Apple itself, the company has now reached the impressive milestone despite the lack of a worldwide launch.

Demand is currently still outstripping supply in the USA and it's only a matter of time before Apple once again puts back the UK and worldwide release - currently penciled in for the end of May.

With every other PC builder on the planet planning a wannabe tablet device of one kind or another, Apple could see its worldwide sales severely diluted if it doesn't buck its ideas up pretty soon.

iPad users have also downloaded 12 million Apps and 1.5 million digital books made specifically for the Apple-proclaimed 'magical' device.

The 3G version of the device, which went on sale recently, has attracted criticism for its poor video streaming performance over AT&T's cellular network but it remains to be seen whether it is the device, or the telecoms giant's notoriously shonky service, which is to blame.