Corsair expands line of Nova SSDs

Premium memory racer Corsair has expanded its Nova range of solid state drives at both ends of the budget spectrum, introducing versions in 32GB and 256GB capacities.

The drives join the original 64GB and 128GB Nova units, which were launched in February this year. Both the new drives use Indilinx’s Barefoot controller, but offer different reading and writing speeds.

According to Corsair, the 256GB drive can write at speeds of up to 256MB/sec, and write at 195MB/sec. The 32GB drive can only read at up to 195MB/sec and write at 75MB/sec.

Corsair says that the speed difference is down to the number of chips on the drives, as fewer chips means less interleaving. The Barefoot controller has four channels, and the 32GB drive has eight flash chips, using all four channels but with only two-way interleaving. The 256GB drive has 16 chips, using the four channels with 16-way interleaving.

The read and write speeds of the 32GB drive are still a long way in front of those offered by Intel’s 40GB X25-V, and Corsair is pitching it as an entry-level unit to use as a boot drive. Meanwhile, the 256GB drive is aimed at those needing both high-performance and plenty of storage space.

According to Corsair, both drives can be setup in RAID configurations and also fully support Windows 7’s TRIM command, in order to “maintain optimal performance automatically over the lifetime of the drives.” A two-year warranty is provided as well.

Corsair hasn’t provided any information on pricing or availability yet, but the company assures us that the drives are expected imminently, with stock expected to appear on both Scan and Overclockers this week.