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Facebook locks out paedo hunter

An online vigilante who posted details of nearly 6,000 alleged sex offenders on social networking site Facebook has had his page suspended twice in the last 24 hours.

Chris Wittwer, 34, of Exminster in Devon, spent two and a half years putting together his list of alleged offenders, using court records, media reports and the Sex Offenders' Register.

But he found himself locked out of the page, 'UK Paedophiles Named and Shamed', after it received nearly 40,000 visits as a result of coverage on Saturday in British tabloid The Sun.

Wittwer’s access was quickly reinstated after the paper intervened, Facebook blaming an "automatic" safety control for the temporary suspension.

But within hours he had been suspended again, reported The Sun this morning (opens in new tab).

Wittwer complained: "I sent email after email asking for an explanation and they just said I'd broken 'terms and conditions'."

Facebook said yesterday it had reinstated Wittwer, explaining that his account had been automatically suspended after he had made too many friend requests. It said the temporary ban had nothing to do with the content of Wittwer's page.

"They're messing me about," said Wittwer. "I'm angry and upset, mostly for the parents and innocent children who need to know about these monsters."

Facebook also came under fire last month (opens in new tab) for refusing to install an online 'panic button' to alert police to suspected grooming attempts. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.