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Facebook Takes Down Paedophile Tracker Page

Social networking website Facebook has suspended the account of a man who relentlessly tracked down thousands of sex offenders and paedophiles twice in the last two days.

The Sun reports that Chris Wittwer, a 34-year old warehouse worker from Exeter who spent two years compiling the infamous list, was unable to log into his account.

Facebook unfroze his account and blamed an automated safety control quickly after the Sun intervened in favour of Wittwer only for this to happen again a few hours later because of a surge in Facebook users trying to add themselves as friends.

Nearly 6,000 mugshots and names of convicted sex offenders from 62 counties in England have been painstakingly collected by Mr Wittner over the last two years and he told the Sun that "it's not a question of being a hate mob - it's the simple fact that on the national sex offenders register you can access some information but you can't see the faces of those who commit the crimes".

A spokesperson for the social networking website said that " It is within the terms of the site for users to express their views about a public figure, which includes views about someone who has been convicted of a crime and details related to the crime that are freely available in the media."

The Facebook page currently has nearly 10,000 members and growing fast; Mr Wittwer has already warned people against writing anyone's names on the walls or groups or face eviction from Facebook.