Google Doodle Creator Uses Napkins As Canvas

The head of Doodle, the Google division that creates colourful home pages for the search giant on special occasions, has revealed that his artistic inspiration comes from scribbling on napkins and bean bags.

The talented 29 year old, who has been a part of the team since 2005, revealed to press that his creative team brainstorms its ideas on whatever comes to hand - including napkins, walls, table tops and even a bean bag.

Lopez's most popular doodles to date include designs celebrating the Beijing Olympics, Wallace and Gromit's 20th Anniversary, H.G. Wells's birthday, Mothering Sunday and US artist Norman Rockwell.

Michael Lopez took over the top job at Doodle after founder Dennis Hwang retired and The creative head says his biggest thrill comes from doing doodles for Valentine's Day.

Lopez calls his job "the work he loves to take home", and believes that fresh ideas come from working in different surroundings. He credits his large team for coming up with new designs for the same occasions year on year.