Googlemail reverts to Gmail in the UK

Some of us jumped in early when Google launched it's Gmail service and got snappy little email adresses suffixed " That was before Goggle ran into a legal roadblock over the use of Gmail in Europe - a company called Independent International Investment Research had already used the 'word' Gmail and objected.

Whether the dispute has been settled or whether Google has just thought, "sod them" is unclear but a Google blog post says that UK-based Gmail users can now have a Gmail suffix instead of the more cumbersome

"Since 'gmail' is 50 per cent fewer characters than 'googlemail' we estimate this name change will save approximately 60 million keystrokes a day," software engineer Greg Bullock wrote on the bog with his tongue, we suspect, firmly in his cheek.

He says changes will be rolled out this week. What he doesn't say is that if you typed gmail instead of Googlemail in the address, your missive miraculously arrived anyhow.