HP To Replace Windows 7 With WebOS On Slate Tablet

Popular technology blog TechCrunch has reported that computer maker Hewlett-Packard has decided to drop Windows 7 OS from its 'Slate' tablet and use a variant of the webOS platform it acquired when the company bought smartphone maker Palm Inc for $1.2 billion.

According to the sources cited by the blog, HP has decided to drop the popular Windows 7 OS as it overpowers the Intel Atom Processor used by the Slate.

This news comes a shock to many as HP had released several videos of its Slate device, mocking the iPad and boasting the features that Apple's device does not provide.

Apple is likely to remain without some serious rivals for a few more months which will allow it to secure a significant lead before Google and HP bring up their own tablet devices towards the end of the year.

Even so, the removal of Windows 7 from the Slate may not be such a crazy idea; HP now owns the webOS mobile operating system allowing them to tailor make an OS for their Slate.