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IBM Set To Offer Serious Version Of Popular Simulation Game

IBM has launched its own version of the popular SimCity game in which users get their teeth into real-world problems.

The real-life simulation, dubbed CityOne, is targeted at students, urban planners and academics among others, and is intended to make cities and businesses smarter and more environmentally friendly by helping them to find virtual solutions to "real-world business, environmental and logistical problems".

Nancy Pearson, vice president of marketing at IBM's Tivoli software, said in an official statement: “Serious games allow professionals to inherently comprehend system interactions, and accurately model the potential business outcomes that can result, in a way that no other medium can do.”

According to Big Blue's official press statement, the company will unveil the game during the IMPACT 2010 conference in Las Vegas. IBM is touting CityOne as a "serious game" in which players will guide their cities through a series of challenges facing the water, banking and retail industries. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.