IE Browser Marketshare Falls Below 60 Percent

According to recent data released by web analytics firm Net Applications, the global web browser market share of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has dropped below 60 percent.

This is due partly to the emergence of new alternative web browsers and the European browser ballot screen option that the company was forced to implement by the EU.

The data revealed that the market share of the browser has been dipping ever since April and also that now every 3 in 5 computers were using the browser in order to surf the web.

As of April 2010, Internet Explorer had 59.95 percent of the market, down from 60.65 percent in March.

Chrome, Google's open source browser, has shown significant growth in the past couple of months, reaching 6.73 percent in the month of April, from 1.73 percent a year ago, a fourfold increase in the browser marketshare.

Meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox, which is one of the most popular web browsers in the world, hovered at 24.59 percent, increasing only a tenth of percent.

But Firefox users can expecting great things from the soon to be launched add-on manager from the browser maker, which might also result in increase in popularity of the browser.

Internet Explorer and Firefox's rivals Apple Safari and Opera web browser managed to garner a share of 4.72 percent and 2.3 percent respectively.