Microsoft To Include H.264 Video Codec In IE9

Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer 9 will include the H.264 video codec used by Apple's Safari browser, and not Ogg Theora as used by Opera and Firefox.

Writing in a blog post, Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft's General Manager for Internet Explorer, said the H.264 codec offered better performance, and was widely used around the world.

Hachamovitch explained: “H.264 is an industry standard, with broad and strong hardware support. Because of this standardization, you can easily take what you record on a typical consumer video camera, put it on the web, and play it in a web browser.”

IE's head honcho was adamant that HTML5 was the future of the web, something that puts it on the same wavelength as arch rivals Google and Apple.

Meanwhile, Microsoft rejected speculation that it might ditch Adobe's Flash Player from its Windows 7-based smart phone after concerns over reliability, security and performance prompted rival Apple to bar developers from using the software.

It said that Flash was still an important component in delivering media rich web content to the users of the world wide web.