Microsoft Kin Smartphones To Launch Within Days

Microsoft's social networking-based smartphone models, Kin One and Kin Two, could be available to as early as 13 May. US-based Mobile phone company Verizon is set to put the device up for pre-order from May 6.

The Kin handsets, launched by the software giant at a conference in San Francisco last month, are designed to cater to a younger generation of the smartphone users interested in social networking.

The Kin handsets run on a completely new operating system, Windows Phone OS for Kin, that appear to be significantly different from existing platforms including Microsoft's own.

Industry experts expect the new handsets to face tough competition from the likes of the Apple iPhone and Google Android-based phones, as well as the soon-to-be-launched mobile version of Microsoft's own Windows 7.

Despite these misgivings, Microsoft is confident of the product's success, saying its Kin phones are based on the thorough market research among young social networking users.

Kin, which some may consider as a feature phone rather than a smartphone, will face some serious competition from the likes of HTC's Tattoo and Samsung's Tocco range which are both feature laden and positioned at the entry level.