Mozilla Updates Firefox Add-on Manager

Mozilla, the outfit behind the popular Firefox web browser, has rolled out a fresh version of the browser's add-on manager, which resembles Google's Chrome own version.

Industry experts believe that the new add-on update will allow users to fetch Firefox add-ons, themes, customised search engines, plug-ins and languages in one place. Previously users were made to roam the internet before they found exactly what they wanted.

The new add-on manager will turn in to a hub of Firefox goodies which users can download and install in order to enhance their browsing experience.

Commenting on the new add-on manager, Mozilla's Dave Townsend, said in statement that “What you see on trunk over the next few days is just the initial steps to switching to a redesigned UI and a totally new extension manager backend.”

According to the company, the updated Firefox add-on manager has a customised sidebar containing various categories like 'Search Engines', 'Appearance' and 'Plug-ins', making it easier for users to select what they want.

This add-on manager is a much warranted update for the web browser as it has seen a significant fall in its user base lately, mostly owing to the fact that it does not support HTML 5 technology yet.