One Million Apple iPads Sold : What The Numbers Truly Mean?

Apple said that on Friday, it managed to sell its one millionth iPad device which happened only 28 days (or four weeks) after its launch on April 3rd.

We already know that the first 24 hours of launch saw more than 300,000 of the portable keyboard-less computer fly off Apple's shelves and an extra 150,000 were sold in the four subsequent days, according to Apple's CEO Steve Jobs.

This means that around 550,000 iPad tablets were flogged between the 8th and the 30th of April, that's a rate of 24,000 a day with the monthly average hitting a daily 35,700.

The current trend indicates that Apple should comfortably hit one million sales a month and very possibly much more when the iPad goes on sale internationally at the end of this month.

The press statement released yesterday also mentions the fact that the number of apps on the App store has now hit 200,000, that's slightly up from 185,000 recorded three weeks ago.

Nearly 14 million apps and ebooks (12 million and 1.5 million respectively) have been downloaded from the App store and the iBookstore on the iPad, which represents around 14 downloads per device, all in just one month.

That's up from 600000 iBooks and 3.5 million iPad apps downloaded on the 7th of April 2010 and one million apps and 250,000 ebooks on the first day.