Storage Startup SandForce Gets IBM Attention

SandForce, a California based technology start-up, has successfully developed a new kind of chip controller which allows companies to develop solid state drives (SSD) using less expensive flash chips which are easy to manage.

Interestingly, IT giant IBM has praised the company for promoting on-chip storage systems and has appreciated the advancement the company has made in the field.

IBM said in a statement that the progress made by SandForce was significant in helping the advent of flash memory based computer chips which allow users to store data on the chip instead of the hard drive.

SandForce was created with the aim of developing flash-based on-chip storage systems, which will not only be cost effective but will increase the performance of the computer system, allowing faster access to files.

Until now, the market had seen only those flash memory based memory chips which were capable of storing two or more bits of data on a single storage cells, but despite of being reliable, they were extremely expensive to maintain.

According to Thad Omura, SandForce's head of marketing, the company has developed controllers which will not only manufacturers to use least expensive flash memory, but will also maintain the stability and the reliability of more expensive devices.