Yahoo Pays CEO Carol Bartz $47 Million In Salary

According to a regulatory filing, Yahoo paid a whopping £30 million ($47 million) to new CEO Carol Bartz last year. Her salary includes $29 million in stock options and $13 million in stock rewards.

Carol Bartz joined the ailing internet company, which provides search, email and online advertisement services, at a time when the company was at its lowest valuation due to the recession and increasing competition from Google.

She has been largely responsible for Yahoo's improved market position and has been widely praised for her effective market strategies since leaving her post as CEO at Autodesk.

The filing made by Yahoo read “The Compensation Committee determined in its judgment, and based on Ms Bartz's experience and general competitive compensation practices, that the compensation levels, awards and other terms of Ms Bartz's agreement were appropriate to attract and retain Ms Bartz.”

Interestingly, despite joining the company only in January 2009, Carol Bartz has received a significantly higher amount of the pay than the company's Chief Financial Officer Timothy Morse and Chief Technology Officer Ari Balogh who received £3.9 million and £3.6 million respectively.