Asus debuts 20-inch multi-touch all-in-one

ASUS has launched an all-in-one multi-touch PC and it can't resist sticking the Eee label on it. The new machine is called the ASUS Eee Top PC ET2010 PNT.

The Taiwanese manufacturer said the machine has been built for family use. It sports a 20-inch high-definition wide-screen display with a resolution of 1200 x 600. It is just an inch thick and one of the two models in the range can be wall-mounted to free up desk space. The wall-mountable model also sports improved sound capabilities.

It's powered by an Intel Atom Dual-Core D510 1.66GHz with 2GB of DDR3 1066 memory and Nvidia's Ion graphics. The hard disk is a 500GB SATA II 7200rpm model.

Nvidia's chief Ion marketeer, David Ragones, reckons: "Whether you’re watching HD videos online, tagging and sharing family photos or playing your favourite PC games, this system will do it all in style”

PC makers have high hopes for touch-screen all-in-ones this year. CeBIT was awash with such gadgets back in March.

ASUS said its Eee Top PC ET2010 will cost £620, which is pretty hefty for an Atom-powered device. You can buy one today, should you feel the urge.