Asus To Launch The EEE 1005PR Netbook Soon

Asus is set to debut its latest netbook, the EEE 1005PR, one which comes with a rather interesting twist, since it integrates a Broadcom Crystal HD Decoder that makes Nvidia's ION solution quasi obsolete, at least when it comes to playing full HD content.

The Seashell 1005PR has a fairly standard set of features apart from the Broadcom hardware. It comes with an Atom N450 Pineview processor, 1GB RAM, a 250GB hard disk drive, WiFi and a 10-inch screen with a WXGA resolution (1366x768) rather than the usual WSVGA.

The netbook also comes with a six-cell battery, VGA and USB ports, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Camera, WiFi and the ArcSoft Total media Theater software package. Asus expects the battery life of the 1005PR to reach up to 11 hours in optimum mode.

Interestingly, the Taiwanese manufacturer has opted for a dual boot configuration with Windows 7 Starter edition and the Linux-based Express Gate which boots up in seconds, allowing the user to do basic stuff like checking ones email.

It will be available soon in the US for $399.99 which should translate into a £299 over here. Asus has yet to give a launch date for this little baby. We'd be happy to try it and see whether the Broadcom chip is good at anything other than video.