Facebook hit by chat hack

Facebook has taken its chat feature offline for 'maintenance', after a video emerged showing users how to access their friends' chat sessions live.

The video, still available at Youtube, shows how any non-technical Facebook user could watch what their contacts were saying to each other in private chat windows.

Ironically, the exploit involves messing around with the same privacy features that have come in for a great deal of criticism over the last couple of weeks.

Users needed merely to preview their privacy settings, to see what their own profiles look like from a friend's perspective, in order to snoop on their chats.

It's just the latest in a series of oversights and gaffes that have recently led to an increase in the number of celebrity bloggers vowing to delete their Facebook accounts for good.

Facebook recently announced a range of new features under the “Open Graph” moniker which have been broadly slammed as ignoring users' privacy.