Google To Invest In Its Own Employees Through Google Ventures

Google plans to invest $100 million in buying start-up organisations over the coming year.

The new strategy comes from its year-old venture capital funding division, Google Ventures, and plans to capitalise on the knowledge of Google employees.

Google Ventures managing partner Bill Maris and partner David Krane stated: "Thousands of Google's employees have an immense access to the knowledge about the smaller companies that are worth investing in, and those start-ups which also need Google's help to make a name for themselves in the market."

A panel of Krane, Maris and CEO Eric Schmidt told reporters that they would be tapping the expertise of Google employees to strike the right deals and maximise profits.

The trio explained to reporters that they plan to invest in companies with great potential, and hope to make hundreds of millions out of the deals.

Last year Google made nine acquisitions, ranging from an electric vehicle manufacturer to a service that brings product-placement ads online.