Google To Launch Ebook Service

Google is to launch its own ebook service, the Wall Street Journal has reported yesterday and the online offering, which will be called Editions, will be released some time in June.

The search giant has had its eye set on the lucrative ebook market for a long time, and the release of Google Editions will see it cashing in on the popularity of ebooks since the release of Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook.

Google Editions, first announced last October, will be compatible with any platform and can be accessed using any browser-enabled device which means that you should be able to access it via a smartphone as well

The new service will be integrated with Google's book search engine, and users will be able to buy titles online possibly via Google Checkout.

Third-party retailers and book stores will be allowed to use Google Editions on their web sites on a profit-sharing basis.

The launch will come a few months after Apple announced the release of its own iBookstore; one can expect that Editions will be pivotal to promote any future Google-based Tablet PC.