Intel Debuts Z600 "Moorestown" Processors

Intel has revealed a new range of Atom processors that will could help the semiconductor giant compete with ARM, the current undisputed leader in the mobile sector.

Devices based on the new Atom CPUs will be launched over the next few months and Intel claims that the new chips sip 50 times less power than the previous Atom generation while providing twice the firepower of similar devices.

The new range of processors will appear in a range of devices and will run at speeds between 1.5GHz and 1.9GHz, roughly the same as their more power hungry siblings.

Intel showcased the slower version of the processor in an LG smartphone called Avva which sported a 3.8-inch touchscreen. The company says that Atom-based devices will be able to stay on stand by for at least 10 days or play two days worth of music, six hours of 3G calls and up to five hours of 720p video playback.

Another reference design was one from OpenPeak which took the form of a 7-inch tablet system which runs the 1.9GHz version of the Z600 CPU. The device looked like the O2 Joggler which also used an Intel-based Atom platform.

Interestingly, Linux-based operating systems will be the preferred partner for the new Atom range; this means that Intel's own Meego, LiMo and Android will be welcomed but not Symbian and Windows Phone Mobile.