Low cost Fermi chips due this summer

Nvidia might have only launched two top-end GPUs based on its Fermi architecture, but the rumour mill is currently hammering out stories about three new lower cost variations that could be doing the rounds this summer.

The first, of course, is the much-discussed GF104, which has already surfaced in previous rumours. However, Taiwanese tech site DigiTimes reports that two other low-cost Fermi-based chips are in the works, and scheduled for release in the next few months.

Citing sources at graphics card makers, the site says that the company’s forthcoming GF106 and GF108 chips will be launching in July and August respectively.

If the site’s sources are to be believed, then cards based on the mid-range GF106 will come in at around US$180 (£118.75), while those based on the budget GF108 will cost around US$100 (£65.97).

The site also quotes a rough price of $299 (£197.26) for the first cards to be based on the GF104 chip, which it says will be called the GeForce GTX 460. According to previous rumours, the GF104 chip will have 256 stream processors, 64 texture units and 32 ROPs

There’s no word on the GF106 and GF108’s specs yet, but based on previous launches, we’d guess that the GF106 will have 128 stream processors, while the GF106 will have 64.

Unsurprisingly, Nvidia refused to comment on the rumours, saying that it couldn’t discuss unannounced products.